PacRim 2016 Kick Off Meeting Set For January 6, 2016 At BYC

20140803 Pacrim FlagsKaren & Al Callery, Co-Chairs for PacRim 2016, have announced that on January 6, 2016 from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM at the Bellingham Yacht Club, that they will be holding the initial kick off planning meeting for Team USA and the upcoming race to defend the Team USA title in Nakhodka, Russia.

This meeting is being jointly run the Bellingham Yacht Club and the Bellingham Sister Cities Association.  During the meeting, the planning team will be presenting:

  • The history of the Pacific Rim Regatta;
  • How to become a racing member of Team USA;
  • How to be an Ambassador member of Team USA;
  • A profile of Nakhodka Russia from Bellingham Sister Cities Nakhodka City Chair, Nina Talbot, who was also raised in Nakhodka;
  • Housing for Team USA
  • Travel and Visa requirements for Team USA.

This is a great opportunity for you to be a part of building world peace.  The original Pacific Rim Regatta was built on promoting peace and understanding between the then Soviet Union and the United States.  Since the inception of PacRim in 1988, hundreds of citizen ambassadors and racers from Bellingham and Whatcom County have participated in this bi-annual race and truly have helped build a better world.

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Dates For PacRim 2016 Set For Nakhodka, Russia!

NakhodkaThe dates for PacRim 2016 are set for July 30-August 8, 2016 in Nakhodka, Russia!

If you would like to attend and be part of Team USA, please click here to let us know you would like to help build world peace in Nakhodka, Russia in 2016!

If you would like to help sponsor Team USA, please click here to let us know you also would like to help build world peace in Nakhodka, Russia in 2016!

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Bellingham Sister Cities and the Bellingham Yacht Club Team Up For PacRim 2016


BYC Commodore Michele Bodtke and BSCA President Karen Callery Welcome Nahodka Racer For PacRim 2014

The Bellingham Sister Cities Association (BSCA), along with the Bellingham Yacht Club (BYC), have again teamed up to develop Team USA for the 2016 Pacific Rim Regatta (PacRim 2016) to be held in next summer in Nakhodka, Russia.

The BYC and BSCA have been working together on this international regatta since its beginnings in 1988 during the Cold War when this event marked unprecedented cooperation between the United States and the Soviet Union.


PacRim 2014 Ambassadors At Peace Arch Park

If you are interested in helping build world peace by being part of Team USA as a Racer or Ambassador, please click here.  If you are interested in helping build world peace by defraying the costs for Team USA, please click here.

If you would like to follow this site and be notified of new posts and updates, please Register on the side bar in the upper right corner!

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PacRim 2014 Photos Available

The PacRim 2014 Photos from photographer Steve
Wolff are now available.  Click here to access them or you can also access them from the Photos menu option at

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Friday, September 12, 2014 – Final Results

Friday brought another beautiful day out on Bellingham Bay, but again the wind was light and variable until about noon, when a westerly settled in. The race committee was able to get in three races for both fleets before the wind died. In a meeting later at the club with all the team captains, a unanimous vote that there would be no racing on Saturday was reached, signaling the end of a fun week of racing.

Congratulations to Team USA for winning their first PacRim Challenge Regatta!

Team Results

Rank Team Etchells San Juan 24 Team Totals
1 USA 9 15 24
2 NZL 16 25 41
3 CAN 30 21 51
4 RUS 27 25 52
5 AUS 33 30 63
6 JPN 38 50 88


San Juan 24

Overall Team Scores

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Thursday, September 11, 2014 Race Results


byc25After a slow start to the day’s racing that had everyone wondering whether we would get a race off today, the wind finally built from the West to about 10 knots and the races were off and running. We were able to finish three Etchells races and two San Juan 24 races before we had to stop in order for the racers to get home in time to take their host families to dinner.

The race committee boats were kept busy moving marks early on and then later, repairing broken items and ripped spinnakers in the Etchells fleet. Jack Thompson, from the Western Sailing Team, again proved a valuable asset to help diagnose and repair some of the issues.

byc17We hope the winds tomorrow will fill in earlier as we have a few races to make up in order to ensure that each team gets to sail each of the boats.

Here is a recap of today’s results and the overall combined results for each team.


San Juan 24

Combined Team Results


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While The Boats Race, The Ambassadors Tour

20140727-PacRim-Three-Part-Logo-With-SaturnaHeaderWhen the PacRim teams visit each country, there are both Racers and Ambassadors.  The Ambassadors, representing their Cities and Countries, have the opportunity to visit the host countries cultural sites.  This has been no different for PacRim 2014, with the Ambassadors visiting a number of sites in our area.  The City of Bellingham’s Mt. Baker Theater welcomed them on the Marquee.  Peace Arch Park provided a personal tour and Artist Point was spectacular.

BoeingAll our Ambassadors have full days of activities including museums, parks, natural areas, Boeing, cruising in the San Juans, including personal tours in many of the locations.  While every site is a special highlight of our area, it is safe to say that Bellingham, Whatcom County and our region are indeed unique and the visiting Ambassadors have gained an appreciation of our area, culture and people.

Peace-ArchIt is not just visiting the sites which helps foster an understanding of other countries, their cultures and traditions, it is also the one on one relationships established as the Ambassadors tour together.  These citizen diplomats establish long term personal relationships and a real understanding of the countries and areas they are from.  The Ambassador experience really does drive home the inscriptions on the two sides of the Peace Arch “Children of a Common Mother” and “Brethren dwelling together in unity”.

Additional Photos and Images Are Available By Clicking Here


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Tuesday, September 9, 2014 Race Results

20140727-PacRim-Three-Part-Logo-With-Saturnabyc15Today, we were blessed with another great day of racing. The day started off cool and cloudy with about 12 knots of wind. We were able to complete four Races for the Etchells fleet today and three for the San Juan 24s with only a couple of brief postponements to repair a broken tiller and a forestay pin that came out. Later this afternoon brought sunshine and winds moderating to 9-10 knots.

byc17The racing has been competitive with the usual vociferous mark roundings we all have heard many times before. All in friendly competition!

Here are today’s results and overall standings.




San Juan 24

Overall Team Standings






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Monday, September 8, 2014 Race Results


Photo Courtesy of Lisa Megard

Photo Courtesy of Lisa Megard

After a beautiful light air practice day on Sunday, Monday morning brought cooler temperatures, low clouds and southerly winds gusting to 18 knots. The Etchells fleet was plagued with equipment issues, with a main halyard jumping the masthead sheave and jamming on one boat at the dock. While the Etchells fleet jumped into action getting the backup boat launched and rigged, another boat returned to the dock with a broken gooseneck fitting and damaged mast track. It was determined that repairs would take too long to get any racing in, so PRO Michele Bodtke made the decision to suspend racing for the Etchells fleet for the day. The good news is that both boats have been repaired, so the fleet is back up to full strength.


Photo Courtesy of Lisa Megard

The San Juan 24 fleet was able to take advantage of the conditions and completed three races. The wind for the first race exceeded the limit for flying spinnakers, so the code flag numeral 9 was flying at the windward mark. Some of the fleet to opted to run wing-on-wing downwind while others reached from gybe to gybe. For the second two races, the wind settled down a bit, so the boats were able to set the kites on the downwind legs, resulting in an array of vibrant colors to enthrall the spectators.


Photo Courtesy of Lisa Megard

For a list of the days results, click here.


Day One Overall Results, Class=San Juan 24

Sail Total Race 1 Race 2 Race 3
1 USA 5 1 1 3
2 CAN 7 2 4 1
3 AUS 8 4 2 2
4 NZL 11 3 3 5
5 RUS 14 5 5 4
6 JPN 18 6 6 6


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The People Are Here, The Boats Are Here, PacRim 2014 Is Happening


Flags of Participants Are Raised

From six countries, three continents, all around the Pacific Rim, the Racers and Ambassadors have arrived in Bellingham, WA for the 2014 Pacific Rim Challenge.

The weather looks to be spectacular with highs in the 70’s to 80’s and winds in the 10-15 knot range for the week.  The trips for the Ambassadors to Peace Arch Park, Artist Point, Bellingham Museums, Boeing, Friday Harbor and the Skagit Wildlife Reserve all will require sunscreen and cameras.


Russian Racers From Nakhodka

According to Al Callery, one of the original participants for this regatta in the 1980’s and 1990’s that resulted in one of the first cultural exchanges between the then Soviet Union and the United States, “This event represents a truly special event for the Countries of the Pacific Rim and the Sister Cities of Bellingham. We are proud to host this years PacRim 2014 here in Bellingham.”

Regular updates will be posted as the event goes forward.

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