While The Boats Race, The Ambassadors Tour

20140727-PacRim-Three-Part-Logo-With-SaturnaHeaderWhen the PacRim teams visit each country, there are both Racers and Ambassadors.  The Ambassadors, representing their Cities and Countries, have the opportunity to visit the host countries cultural sites.  This has been no different for PacRim 2014, with the Ambassadors visiting a number of sites in our area.  The City of Bellingham’s Mt. Baker Theater welcomed them on the Marquee.  Peace Arch Park provided a personal tour and Artist Point was spectacular.

BoeingAll our Ambassadors have full days of activities including museums, parks, natural areas, Boeing, cruising in the San Juans, including personal tours in many of the locations.  While every site is a special highlight of our area, it is safe to say that Bellingham, Whatcom County and our region are indeed unique and the visiting Ambassadors have gained an appreciation of our area, culture and people.

Peace-ArchIt is not just visiting the sites which helps foster an understanding of other countries, their cultures and traditions, it is also the one on one relationships established as the Ambassadors tour together.  These citizen diplomats establish long term personal relationships and a real understanding of the countries and areas they are from.  The Ambassador experience really does drive home the inscriptions on the two sides of the Peace Arch “Children of a Common Mother” and “Brethren dwelling together in unity”.

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