Monday, September 8, 2014 Race Results


Photo Courtesy of Lisa Megard

Photo Courtesy of Lisa Megard

After a beautiful light air practice day on Sunday, Monday morning brought cooler temperatures, low clouds and southerly winds gusting to 18 knots. The Etchells fleet was plagued with equipment issues, with a main halyard jumping the masthead sheave and jamming on one boat at the dock. While the Etchells fleet jumped into action getting the backup boat launched and rigged, another boat returned to the dock with a broken gooseneck fitting and damaged mast track. It was determined that repairs would take too long to get any racing in, so PRO Michele Bodtke made the decision to suspend racing for the Etchells fleet for the day. The good news is that both boats have been repaired, so the fleet is back up to full strength.


Photo Courtesy of Lisa Megard

The San Juan 24 fleet was able to take advantage of the conditions and completed three races. The wind for the first race exceeded the limit for flying spinnakers, so the code flag numeral 9 was flying at the windward mark. Some of the fleet to opted to run wing-on-wing downwind while others reached from gybe to gybe. For the second two races, the wind settled down a bit, so the boats were able to set the kites on the downwind legs, resulting in an array of vibrant colors to enthrall the spectators.


Photo Courtesy of Lisa Megard

For a list of the days results, click here.


Day One Overall Results, Class=San Juan 24

Sail Total Race 1 Race 2 Race 3
1 USA 5 1 1 3
2 CAN 7 2 4 1
3 AUS 8 4 2 2
4 NZL 11 3 3 5
5 RUS 14 5 5 4
6 JPN 18 6 6 6


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